In a '700 palace. The apartment was completely renoveted in the summer of 2015 as a b&b. Bathrooms and furnishings are new, while the wood beams of the ceiling and the original wallpaper of the 18th century were recovered from the old apartment.

Il restauro dell'appartamento ha permesso di recuperare le travi in legno e le carte del Settecento.

The walls of the b&b are enriched by the creations of a contemporary artist who has freely reinterpreted the great masters of painting.

Quadri sulle pareti delle camere e negli ambienti del bed and breakfast.

“i tetti” (the roofs) is a recurring subject in all the rooms with a wall painting and gives the name to the structure.

Un quadro raffigurante i Tetti sulla parete di Giallo Napoletano.

B&B is located in the center of Naples, a few minutes from the Decumani.

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